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Here you can learn about the projects I worked on the Entertainment Technology Center.


A 3D animation project for Give Kids The World, a nonprofit resort in central Florida where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families enjoy an all paid vacation.

The team took existing characters from the park to create a 3D animated short that has been displayed at the resort.


The team explored the possibilities technology will provide us in the next 10 to 20 years. Our mission was to foresee how we will use new devices with augmented reality, and other technologies such as GPS data, biometric data, sound, video and computer graphics.

After researching the possibilities for newer technologies, a video was made to showcase the group’s vision of how we may use the technology of tomorrow.


This team worked on designing an experience with Chicago's MSI in which museum goers would interact with a map of North America through a touch-screen interface that would reveal facts and plans to harness more renewable energy all over the continent in a fun and interesting way.

The experience would show what areas of the continent are rich in renewable energy sources, how that energy is harnessed, and what happens to it after it is harnessed. In addition, the experience would present the facts of the current energy situation and raise questions about where energy is headed in the future.

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